Best Tools to Use for Removing Lawn Mower Blade Easily

Just like knives and scissors, lawn mower blades are bound to become dull after being used for a while. To sharpen or replace the blade, users will need to loosen and remove it from their lawn mower.

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However, removing the blade can be quite difficult, particularly when a person doesn’t have the right tools. Below is a list of the required tools.

Safety Gears

Before beginning any project that involves sharp objects, it’s important to take precautionary measures.

As such, a person should wear sturdy gloves, preferably the welding kind before touching the blade. The gloves will go a long way in protecting their hands from getting cut by the blade, particularly when it turns accidentally.

Well list of following PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) should be used when working with small engine.

  1. Gloves
  2. Safety Glasses
  3. Ear Plugs

Vise Grip

While this tool doesn’t necessarily help to turn any nuts, it will come in handy when loosening the blade. The vise grip helps to prevent the blade from rotating when the bolt used to keep the blade in place is being loosened.

This tool is used to cramp over the blade’s cover in a way that creates a barrier on one end. Sometimes, people use a piece of wood that’s placed beneath the blade, which protrudes to one side of the cover.

Vice Grip on Lawn Mower

Socket Wrench

After putting on the gloves and blocking the blade with a vise grip, it’s now time to loosen the bolt. This step requires a socket wrench, which is incredibly easy to work with. Other tools that can be used for this step include a regular or a crescent wrench. For removal turn socket wrench anti-clock wise.

Lawn Mower Blade Removal Technique

Just like with any other home project, using the right tools when removing the mower blade is extremely important. The vise grip serves to stop the blade from rotating while the socket wrench helps with loosening the bolt. The gloves go a long way in preventing potential injuries.

Make Sure: Once the blade is removed, clean the underside of the lawn mower deck. This task can be accomplished using a narrow-blade putty knife to scrape off the mud, caked-on grass and leaves among other debris. After cleaning the deck make sure to clean either side of the lawnmower blade before sharpening, preferably using penetrating oil and a hand wire brush.


Note: For installation of the blade make sure blade bolt is torqued at: 36 ~ 43 ft-lb (49 ~ 59 N•m)